QED - Scalable, auditable and high-performance tamper-evident log

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QED is an open-source software that allows you to establish trust relationships by leveraging verifiable cryptographic proofs.

It can be used in multiple scenarios:

  • Data transfers.
  • System (or application or business) logging.
  • Distributed business transactions.
  • Etc.

QED guarantees that the system itself, even when deployed into a non-trusted server, cannot be modified without being detected. It also provides verifiable cryptographic proofs in logarithmic relation (time and size) to the number of entries.

QED is scalable, resilient and ops friendly:

  • Designed to manage billions of events per shard
  • Over 2000 operations per second per shard under sustained load
  • Consistent replication through RAFT
  • Operable and instrumented with dozens of metrics
  • Zero config files, fully documented single binary


You can find the complete documentation at: Documentation

Project code

You can find the project code at Github


QED was made by Hyperscale BBVA-Labs Team.


QED is Open Source and available under the Apache 2 license.


Contributions are very welcome. See docs/source/contributing/contributing.rst or skim existing tickets to see where you could help out.